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Identical twins who were separated at birth find each other after 33 years

Us non-twins have always been fascinated by twins. Not only is the way they instinctively finish each other’s sentences amusing to watch, but it’s evident that the majority of twins are anxious to carve out their own path, separate to that of their counterpart’s. Now, while there are many incredible stories about twins, identical or otherwise, some of the most fascinating ones are about those who were separated at birth and ended up reuniting later in life. Often these long lost twins end up discovering that they’re eerily similar to each other, despite being brought up in different households and thousands of miles apart…

Such is the story of identical twin sisters, Amanda Dunford and Katey Bennet, who were separated at birth in Korea. Though they grew up in different parts of the US after being adopted by American parents, the pair finally reunited, 33 years later.

While Amanda Dunford and Katey Bennett once shared a womb, they both led wholly different lives after being adopted by American parents.

Bennett was left on the steps of an orphanage, and Dunford was found tethered to a pole in the home of a street vendor, but despite these odds, they finally reunited 33 years later, thanks to DNA testing service 23andMe.

Dunford was always aware that there was a chance that she had a sister. Her adoptive family, who were located in Arizona, were informed, but Katey had already been adopted. No further information was given, so Dunford later took a DNA test from the service in 2013. Though she was able to find a distant cousin, who she is still in touch with, there was no sign of a sister.

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